Looking Around

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Some arcade or console games let you manouver the vehicle while looking at it from the outside.  Since Aces High is a flight simulator, the game puts you in the pilot seat.  This means you have to look around a lot while flying.  This is one of the most important parts of aerial combat, and is absolutely essential to this game! Before you do anything else, learn how to "turn your head" and look around. 

In Aces High, you look around using the numeric keypad, and/or the hat switch on your joystick.

To use the numeric keypad:

Numeric Keypad7 = Look Front Left
8 = Look Forward and up
9 = Look Front Right
4 = Look Left
5 = Look Up
6 = Look Right
1 = Look Back Left
2 = Look Back
3 = Look Back Right
0 = Look Down

The 5 key looks straight up.  You can use the 5 key in combination with other keys.  So you press 6 to look to your right, and press 5 and 6 together to look to your right and up.  You use the hat key on your joystick the same way.  Play around with this a little while to get the hang of it.

Note:  Many bombers have several crewmembers looking out windows looking for enemy airplanes.  This is simulated by allowing the player to look around from outside the airplane using "F3 Mode".  Since fighter planes only have one person in the plane, fighter planes don't have F3 Mode.

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