Airplane Icons

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You will notice that the airplanes have some text next to them.  This is called the airplane icon.  In Normal icon mode, a teammate’s plane will have his call sign, and the distance in green lettering.  An enemy plane will have just the plane type and distance in red lettering.  Distance is measured in hundreds of yards.  A plus or minus sign means that the distance is increasing or decreasing.

This picture, taken through my gunsight, shows an enemy FW190D at a range of about 400 yards.

You will normally shoot at 400 yards or less.  Anything beyond that, and your chances of hitting are practically non-existant.  
(Some people will shoot from farther away, but they have lots and lots of practice.)
Airplane in gunsight
In this picture, my teammate 1ijac (One Eye Jack) is chasing an enemy Spitfire. 1ijac is 1400 yards away from me and the Spitfire is 1500 yards away.

There are four icon modes:  Normal, Plane Type Only, Friendly Only, and Icons Off.  You can cycle through these icon types using Alt-I.  You should normally operate in Normal icon mode.

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