The Map

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When you are in the tower, or in the air, the clipboard will show a  map of the arena you are in. When you open the clipboard, the map will be centered on your current position.   You can use your left mouse button on the map itself to drag the map so you can see different parts of the map.

On the left edge of the map you will see white plus and minus buttons.  Use these buttons to zoom in or out on the map.  Up in the right hand corner of the clipboard you will find plus and minus buttons, which you can use to make the clipboard itself  larger or smaller. Use the arrow to zoom in or out on the map

When you are in the tower, you can move to a friendly base by double-clicking on it. 

The maps used in the Melee Arena are 250 miles across, or more.  The map is divided into three teams, Bishops, Knights, and Rooks.  You will be on one of these three teams. The map is overlaid with a square grid.  Each square is a sector, 25 miles across.  The number in the corner is the sector number.  .

The white airplane indicates where your airplane is on the map,  Friendly planes, that is, planes that are on your team, will show up as green icons.  Red icons are enemy planes, or planes that are on one of the other teams.  All friendly planes will be visible on the map.  Enemy planes will show up when they are in range of a working friendly radar.  If the radar is damaged, then enemy planes will not show up on radar.  Enemy planes will also show up whenever they are in visible range of a friendly plane.

You will also see red and green bars at the top of the sector.  These bars are called "DarBar" and they give an approximate indication of how many friendly aircraft are in the sector compared to how many enemy aircraft are in the sector.

This picture shows field A10 in sector 13,11.  The circle represents the 12 mile range of the base's radar.  The 0.0K underneath the base means the field altitude is sea level.  The red and green bars in the corner are the same length which means there are approximately as many friendly planes as enemy planes in the sector.

The big white plane is my plane. The green plane is my teammate.  The red plane is an enemy plane.  The red plane shows up because the enemy plane is inside the radar circle, and the radar is active.  If the enemy plane is outside the radar circle, or if the radar is destroyed, you would not see the red plane, unless it is in visual range of a friendly plane.  Friendly planes will always show on the map regardless of the radar.
Radar detail

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