The Clipboard

The clipboard is your interface to the game controls.  You turn the clipboard on and off with the esc key, and you can use your mouse to move the clipboard around on your screen.  You can also change the size of the clipboard using the plus and minus buttons up in the upper right hand corner of the clipboard.  When you first install the game, each time you click on a button on the clipboard, it will play a training video explaining how to use that feature.

The menu items on the clipboard will change depending on where you are in the game.  Since you are on the ground now, your two main choices are Tower and Hangar.  From the tower you can see the map and what is going on around you.  From the hangar, you can choose your airplane, and the type of armament you will be carrying.    Click on Hangar, and let's take a look at the airplanes.

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