Capturing Bases

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Other than just flying around having fun, there is actually an objective in Aces High, and that is to capture bases from the other teams.  Having an objective gives us a chance to use strategy and tactics, and to work together as a team.   If your team captures enough bases, your team wins, the arena resets, and we get a new map.  If no team wins the war, the map will change once a week.

Now don't worry about this too much when you start playing.  Just concentrate on flying and shooting at other airplanes.  In fact, there are some players that do nothing but shoot at other airplanes, and never participate in a base capture, which is just fine. When you feel you are ready, you can help capture bases, if you want.  If you don't, that's OK.  This section is just so you understand what is going on when other players are talking about capturing bases.  

Most airfields will have a town nearby.  In this picture, field A5 is a large airfield at an altitude of 1,000 feet.

The town is the small round dot to the right of the field.

From the air, the town looks something like this.

Town from the air

The town will have a flag, and a map room.

Bishop Flag and Maproom
This is the Bishop flag.  The structure on the ground to the right is the map room.

Knight Flag
Knight Flag
Rook Flag
Rook Flag

Once 75% of the buildings in the town have been destroyed, the flag will turn white.

White Flag

Once the flag is white, you can get troops to the map room, and capture the base.  There are a few ways to get your troops to the base.  The two most popular are the C-47 (airplane) and the M3 (halftrack, ground vehicle).  Each carries ten troops.  You fly or drive to the town, and release your troops.  If  all ten troopers make it to the map room, you capture the town.  Now there are also eight anti-aircraft guns around the town, and these guns will kill your troops, so you have to take the guns out first.  

So to capture the field, you get the white flag, take out the guns, and get ten troopers to the map room.

Not all bases will have a town. If a base does not have a town, all you have to do is take out all the guns, and get your troops to the map room.  (not nearly as easy as it sounds)

Again, don't worry about this at the beginning.   Just have fun and jump into base capture when you feel you are ready.

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